Bonnie Isaac - Audio Book Female Narrator - Fiction, Non-Fiction demos

Bonnie's sales pitch...

All my life I have loved to tell stories and lose myself in the characters. That's why I chose acting as a profession in the early 1980's and joined SAG/AFTRA and AEA. Through theatre and film (and, yes, even commercials and print), I can share a story with the audience  and make the characters come alive!  I feel that same connection with audio book narration. The listener and I make the journey together.

During my career in Dallas, I worked as a narrator for Reading Radio Resource (formerly North Texas Taping for the Blind). As a result, there are 19 Audio Books and 2 Digital Books narrated by me in the Library of Congress. Genres include Harlequin novels, youth and adult non-fiction, and youth and adult fiction including romance, mystery, detective, adventure, and comedy.

Now, I'm looking for new audio book projects. What are you working on? Maybe I'm the narrator you need!


Fiction - Vampire


Fiction - Detective - Mystery



Fiction - Harlequin Romance



Fiction - Backwoods Accent



Non-Fiction - True Crime - Southern Accent



Non-Fiction - Popular Science



Recorded at Gilley's Recording Studio



Bonnie Isaac
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